Who is semi-kolon?

My name is Becky Crook, founder and manager of semi-kolon. As an editor, translator and writer, I have over 10 years experience working with clients on a variety of written projects.

Raised in northern California, I later moved to Seattle, Washington where I graduated summa cum laude in Linguistics at Seattle Pacific University.

After living in Norway for one year, I continued to study the Norwegian language and literature at the university level. I lived in Berlin, Germany for four years and there became fluent in the German language. Since February 2013, I have lived in Delft, Netherlands.

Work Experience

In May 2010, I co-founded and worked as Editor-in-Chief for SAND, Berlin’s English literary journal. Besides publishing two collections annually, SAND offers workshops on creative writing, literary and art events.

In Seattle, I worked for several years as the Managing Editor for The Other Journal, and was the Communications Manager for Saint Mark’s Cathedral.

In Berlin, I began my work as an independent Editor and Copyeditor, which I have continued in Delft. I also work as a freelance Translator (German to English and Norwegian to English). More recently, I began focusing on literary translations of Norwegian literature.

Poems, essays and interviews that I have written have been published in various literary magazines, and I am currently working on writing my first novel.

Other Interests

When not working or writing, I enjoy being outdoors, backpacking in the mountains, canoeing or kayaking, camping, gardening or having a picnic. I love to cook and share meals with good friends and family. I also play classical piano and am learning to play the ukelele.




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